We should all be so lucky one day as to see Deadpool rip through a giant Sentinel with neon swords to the music of Daft Punk (Do you hear us, Deadpool movie makers?!). The concept artwork for such a scene is already a reality, though, thanks to artist Jimmy Xu. Xu paints some freakishly gorgeous figures, and though it's surprising to see someone specialize in both Spider-Man symbiote villains and Studio Ghibli characters, he's totally done it.
Xu's gallery of wonder hangs out at his deviantART account. You'll see a host of rough characters on there, including a Predator, Wolverine, and more Tron: Legacy than you can handle.

Then there's his Thor piece, which is totally cover-worthy and in the spirit of some of Gabriele Dell'Otto's best work. Moreover, it probably has more lighting going on than all of the Kenneth Branagh movie's scenes combined. Someone please back me up on this.

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