Chris Evans lands a few blows as Steve Rogers this week in Captain American: The First Avenger. Are any of them quite as beautiful as the tooth-liberating punch he places on the Red Skull's jaw in this portrait penciled by Matt Digges and inked and colored by illustrator Joe Hunter, though? That's a discussion that we can have.Hunter's solo artwork, which includes sketches of Archie, Ant-Man and even Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, shows up periodically in his Tumblr feed. He also makes comics on, where Morrison and Moore have made regular appearances recently.

He keeps an animated, playful tone (although his Archie work may not be something you want to share with the little ones), along the lines of Chris Giarusso and Dean Trippe. He also make the Captain America/donut connection that's invaded Dunkin' Donuts nationwide this month look a lot more natural.

Check out a few of our favorite Hunter pieces below.

* Pencils by Matt Digges