It seems Batman's code against killing does not apply to the selfie game.

If you follow the ComicsAlliance Instagram account, then you already know that we are pretty passionate about selfies. It's one of the reasons that we're actually so excited about seeing all the covers for DC's Selfie Month, in which the heroes of the DC Universe snap pictures of themselves while they're going about their heroic duty on the covers of August-shipping books. It's a fun way to inject some much needed levity back into these most colorful characters, and one that fans respond to in enormously positive ways if the reaction to Cameron Stewart's Batgirl is any indication -- and that wasn't even part of the Selfie Month promotion.

This week, one such cover was unveiled that has risen above all the others as possibly the single greatest superhero selfie of all time: Joe Quinones' cover to Batman '66 #14, where Robin the Boy Wonder can be seen snapping a photo of himself with the rotary Bat-Phone.

With this amazing and impossible image, Quinones has threatened to unseat DC's established Queen of the Selfie Game, Batgirl. But could this be the start of something more? Something like, perhaps, a trans-multiversal selfie war between Batgirl and Robin '66? Probably not, but we can always hope!

The idea of the Cross-Reality Selfie War was posited by CA's own Andy Khouri, who pitched it to Batman '66 assistant editor Aniz Ansari over Twitter this morning and Ansari fav'd it, so if it happens, you know which pro-selfie comic book news and opinion site to thank. You are welcome.

Here are a few other favorites from the Selfie Month covers:


Batman/Superman #14 by Paolo Siquiera


Aquaman #34 by Dan Panosian


Batman and Robin #34, Phil Noto


Wonder Woman #34, Terry and Rachel Dodson


Catwoman #34 by Stephane Roux


Hey, wait a second. Shouldn't that cat in the middle be reflected in the mirror? Oh s**t is Catowman's cat a vampire?! WOULD READ.