In a world where far too few superhero designs look like they could cleanly fit into a scene from Crayon Shin-chan, one artist took it upon himself to unleash a doodle army upon the internet and fix that situation forever. That artist's name is Joel Carroll, and his Wolverine, Batgirl, Black Adam and Evil-Lyn are so cute that you'll want to pinch their puffy little cheeks.
Carroll's Guy Gardner is a bit meaner, but this fellow has been busy, and the work speaks for itself in his Tumblr feed. Spider-Man, Harley Quinn and Aquaman also hang out there, in sketch form and on lined legal paper that looks like it was meant for more serious tasks.

We salute Carroll's spunky meeting doodles and hope that he keeps rolling them out. Just check out his Storm if you do nothing else. And if you happen to be sitting next to him in a meeting, whatever you do, do not interrupt his process!

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