If Joëlle Jones' work looks familiar to you longtime ComicsAlliance readers out there, it's probably because you remember seeing her art in Janet Evanovich's graphic novel Troublemaker or you took our advice to go see the Kitty Pryde tribute art show in Portland a couple of years back. Jones has had her hands in a handful of comic book projects, including Fables and Madame Xanadu with Matt Wagner at Vertigo. The sketches on her blog cover even more ground, however, including Joan from Mad Men and Omar from The Wire.

You'll catch some hints of J. Scott Campbell in her art, which loves big eyes and body language over on JoelleJones.com. Hers is a style that plays nicely with "Fables"-style subject matter because it keeps everyday elements looking lively while keeping her subjects expressive and the more fantastic elements of their surroundings fresh as well.

Jones' Wonder Woman and Doop really stick out in the backlog of work that she's shared, but you may find some other highlights you enjoy among our picks below.