How many of you have gone out and purchased Apple's iPad yet? For me, it's kind of like the apple in the Garden of Eden, if you'll forgive the obvious pun: as badly as I want to consume it, I know I can't justify the purchase right now. But the more I try and resist, the harder it becomes to say no. And, really, the Joker is not helping me out one bit.

Etsy user BackGlass has been constructing nifty iPad decals using the Apple insignia as the centerpiece. Snow White, for example, cradles the apple in her hands, while for Iron Man, the logo serves as the hole in his hand's repulsor blast. But for Joker, there is just something absolutely perfect about seeing him hold the Apple insignia. It's as if having an iPad with this decal guarantees that you, the wielder of this device, are capable of great mischief. That's pretty fantastic. That's definitely something I would love to buy if and when I take the iPad plunge.

For what it's worth, this is what Comics Alliance's Caleb Goellner would like his iPad decal modeled after. Almost as awesome, but not quite!Source: Gizmodo