Artist Jonathan Koshi grabbed a lot of attention earlier this year with a series of Día de los Muertos-inspired prints that featured clean, ornate versions of Pac-Man, the Spy vs. Spy guys and other iconic figures. He went on to unleash a second wave from his sugar skulls-inspired series, and it turns out that his black and white takes on Mario, Ultraman and Domo-Kun are just as rad as their predecessors.There are a few scattered prints still available from the set via his website, Notes from the Zeitgeist. They're all gorgeous, but only one simulates what King Koopa sees when he's high on peyote.

The closer you look, the more you'll appreciate the level of detail that Koshi invests in these non-traditional works. You may even happen upon some inspiration for your next sugar skull decorating -- or perhaps even jack-o-lantern carving -- project. Let us know what you think of them all below.