Whether there's ever going to be an official sequel to 2012's Dredd is up in the air, but in the meantime, producer Adi Shankar is doing his best to keep the franchise going with a series of "bootleg" short films. The latest of the bunch is an animated miniseries called Superfiend, and it looks bananas.

The villains of the piece are the fan-favorite Dark Judges, led by Judge Death, who first appeared in the 1981 Judge Dredd story "Judge Death Lives" by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Brian Bolland. Just in time for Halloween.

The animation style looks pretty crude, but for this type of story, it definitely conveys the appropriate, creepy tone.

Entertainment Weekly has a few screenshots from the series and debuted this unsettling poster:




Judge Dredd: Superfiend will be released Oct. 27.

[Via io9]

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