Assuming you're shopping in the UK or online, this week marks the release of 2000 AD prog 1961. It's this year's Christmas special, with a full hundred pages of not only the usual dose of thrillpower, but also... well, whatever the Christmas equivalent of that concept is, I suppose. Merrypower? Thrilljollies? Listen, I'm still pretty new to this whole thing.

Point being, there's plenty of yuletide fun to be found in this week's issue, and as you might expect, absolutely none of that fun is being had by Judge Dredd, the stone-faced grinch of Mega City One's law enforcement, who is spending his Christmas doling out grim justice to snowmen who have come to life. No, really: It's Dredd vs. Frosty in this week's issue, and you can check out a preview below!



I don't know if my favorite line from that story is "again with the snow creatures?" or "if it throws a snowball, napalm it," but I can assure you that the entire story is pretty fantastic. And just on the offchance that's not enough of a Christmas-themed future shock for you, the issue also includes a short prose story about Dredd literally arresting a guy named Kringle for trying to help people. It's... well, it's not quite as grim as it sounds.

Here's the full solicitation:


2000 AD prog 1961
Newsstand cover by Ian Kennedy
Diamond Previews UK comic store exclusive cover by Simon Bisley
In this edition: Judge Dredd: Melt by Rob Williams & Henry Flint; Strontium Dog: Repo Men by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra; The Order: In the Court of the WyrmQueene by Kek-W & John Burns; Absalom: Family Snapshots by Gordon Rennie & Tiernen Trevallion; ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-Busters by Pat Mills & Clint Langley; Kingdom: Beast of Eden by Dan Abnett & Richard Elson; Future Shock: The Mighty Mykflex by Martin Feekins & Jesus Redondo; Sinister Dexter: Blank Ammo by Dan Abnett & Simon Davis
Available in print from: UK newsagents and all good comic book stores via Diamond
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