Kazuhiko Kato's "Lupin III" manga and assorted anime series may star the world's greatest thief, but there's a chance Revoltech's upcoming action figures based on the Frenchman's adventures won't end up stealing your heart. As Tomopop points out, the toys' prototypes might just bear a little too much articulation.

An unspecified Japanese magazine scan shows Revoltech versions of Lupin and marksman Jigen (remarkably unarmed in this picture) from an upcoming "Yamaguchi" line. While lots and lots of joints are typically welcome hallmarks of the Revoltech toys, Kaiyodo may have gone overboard with these two, even if the likenesses and head sculpts seem pretty legit.There's no official release date for either item yet (although Big Bad Toy Store lists a Lupin and Detective Zenigata for preorder with an estimated October arrival), so time could potentially heal all wounds when it comes to perfecting the loose looks sported by the 'Lupin III' toys. Perhaps they'll also be joined by Goemon or Mine? Releasing all four would definitely work as a heist on my wallet.

[Via Tomopop]

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