Katie Cook's Marvel cards didn't stop with Rittenhouse's Marvel 70th Anniversary set. In fact, her artwork had to pair up characters for their Heroes vs. Villains series, and she's assembled sketches featuring confrontations ranging from Wolverine and the Hulk to M.O.D.O.K. and a kitty cat. Cook knows a thing or two about cute cats and the Marvel Universe, too - to the point where she can even harness one to make Sandman look like a softie.
Some of the most epic confrontations in the history of the Marvel comics get re-imagined and remastered for adorability in the contributions Cook has shared over on her Katie Can Draw blog. Black Cat and Mary Jane are there, as are Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom.

Of course, The Hulk vs. Devil Dinosaur and Spider-Man vs. Carnage portraits make their clashes look infinitely more fun than they actually were, but if they didn't, we probably wouldn't be able to tell that Cook drew them.

Check them out below:

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