ComicsAlliance readers may already be familiar with the amazing Katie Cook from our posts about her ultra-cute artwork, but this week on Twitter, she offered up one of the best Batman pitches we've ever seen. The idea, which started with the tweet above about Batman as a bat-obsessed child indulged by his faithful (and embezzling) butler quickly grew to an entire roster of heroes and villains seen through the eyes of a delusional kid.

According to Cook, the idea's called BATS! (short for "Bat-Sh** Crazy Batman"), and it's something that we need to see. Check out the whole saga, complete with Cook's awesomely adorable art, after the cut!

As something of a Batman fan myself, this is a comic book that I want more than pretty much anything else on the stands right now. No joke: I would pay good money for this. And with DC throwing out their continuity in the form of a line-wide reboot next month, there's no better time for a new take on a character's history, right? Especially considering that in finally reprinting that Elseworlds 80-Page Giant, they have the opportunity to give us a team-up between Bats and Kyle Baker's Letitia Lerner: Superman's Babysitter.

So I say let Cook take on the entire history of the Caped Crusader, if only so we can get a version of Knightfall where Bruce falls off the coffee table while trying to imitate a masked wrestler that he's watching on TV and gets an owie on his back.

Seriously, DC: this needs to happen.

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