It's one thing to talk about Galactus devouring planets like so many ice cream cones - it's another thing entirely to see it. And yes, I'm talking about actual ice cream cones, thanks to the artistic endeavors of one Katie Cook!

Super Punch points to Cook's blog, where the artist has posted the entirety of her trading cards drawn for the Marvel 70th Anniversary Trading Cards set from Rittenhouse. These aren't the comic book icons you're used to, either - these heroes and villains, typically filled with angst and super powered rage, are utterly adorable in the all too capable hands of Cook.

Most of the cards are presented without comment, though certain characters can be seen mouthing off - like Deadpool for instance, who points a dagger at a darling kitten and states: "You're cute... you can live."

But in the spirit of LeVar Burton, you don't have to take our endorsement of Cook's work - you can check it out for yourself after the jump!

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