Everyone's favorite trash-'n-glitter covered pop annoyance sensation Ke$ha hit Saturday Night Live this past weekend with some superhero-themed costume choices that were either laudable or laughable depending on one's tastes.

In her more-or-less underage drinking anthem "Tik Tok," Ke$ha wore a weird Sharon Carter catsuit with an American flag cape while remixing the dance tune with some pretty dopey line asking about mankind's possible classification as "aliens" (or something) before kind of jamming on a laser harp.

Her next number "Your Love Is My Drug" took the sci-fi fashion scenario to the next level with some "Avatar"/"Tron"/"Batman & Robin" Blacklight Gang madness. Somewhere Joel Schumacher shed a single tear and shouted, "Someone finally got it!" Check the video after the jump.Superhero motifs belong to everyone who participates in pop culture, especially given the role of television and movies in helping to shape ideas and attitudes concerning comics' most important modern revenue streams. Ke$ha can dress however she likes for her target audience of, well, folks who I assume aren't all that interested in the ties between her wardrobe and my pull-list. Still, I liked it a lot better when she borrowed from glitter emporiums and dumpsters rather than comics and sci-fi. Or was I just as ambivalent then?