In comic books, it's hard to say that anyone ever truly dies; not sidekicks, not arch-nemeses, and not potentially profitable screenplays with high-profile creative reinterpretations. But in the third issue of Kevin Smith's upcoming "Green Hornet" comic, Dynamite Entertainment has announced that one main character will "die forever": The original Green Hornet, Britt Reid, his son Britt Jr., the original Kato, or his daughter, the current Kato.

"Green Hornet," of course, is soon to be a major motion picture, starring Seth Rogan and directed by Michel Gondry. Smith's 10-issue miniseries is adapted from a screenplay that he had originally written for the big screen, and while his script never to made it to production, now he's bringing his own version to life in comic book form. The "Green Hornet" license secured by Dynamite gave the writer/director the rare opportunity to make good on a lost project -- and the publisher the opportunity to build the property into a tent pole of its own, with further plans for a Matt Wagner helmed, pulp-inspired "Green Hornet: Year One."

With the first issue still weeks away, the series is getting an early start on building, ahem, buzz. Check out more on what early twists and turns to expect from the revival after the jump!

Cryptic omens are all the rage in Dynamite's solicitation for Kevin Smith's "Green Hornet," #3 which teases the unveiling of "[T]he next generation of The Green Hornet, Kato, and the mysterious Black Hornet!...[And] who is the mysterious Mulan? Three will LIVE! One will DIE! For Good!"

It is unlikely that Mulan's great mystery is that she is the latest fugitive of the Disney tween factory, but there's little doubt that she, along with the ignominious Black Hornet, are mysterious indeed. Someone will be making an early exit in this story, and if screenwriting structure is to be believed, it will be a Act 1 turn with huge consequences thereafter. The puzzles continue with Dynamite playing coy, releasing a blacked-out cover preview and Alex Ross' cover to issue four, both with deathly tidings.

It is hard to know what to expect from Smith's new take on an old hero, but if it is the Green Hornet who gets the axe, it won't be hard to imagine why this project never made it as a film.

Who do you think will fall in issue in issue #3?

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