If you've been keeping up with fast food news -- and really, who doesn't? -- then you're no doubt aware that today marks the nationwide debut of the KFC Double Down, a bacon and cheese sandwich between not bread, but two boneless fried chicken breasts. Before it was even released, the Double Down's been under fire from people who see it as the biggest edible representation of excess outside of the State Fair, to the point where the actual ad campaign has been based around assuring customers that it's actually a real product.

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To quote Achewood, we here at ComicsAlliance may not be Frederick H. Coca-Cola, but we don't think that's quite the marketing strategy you want to go with. Marketing a ludicrous product by telling your customers that you know it's ludicrous but want them to buy it anyway is a little sketchy. In our opinion, what KFC needs is endorsements! And who better to endorse junk food than our favorite super-heroes?

(Special thanks to Seanbaby's Hostess Page)

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