Awesome: Hey, it's Colonel Sanders cosplaying Dragon Ball Z style in Japan. [Kotaku]

Fans: If a camera crew approaches you and asks what "Hentei" is, your best bet is probably to just turn and walk the other way. [io9]

Movies: Guy Pearce poses as the villainous Aldrich Killian in a new Iron Man 3 poster. [SHH]

Gaming: New images of some of Harley Quinn and Bane's alternate Injustice: Gods Among Us costumes have popped up online. [Joystiq]

Anime: Only One Piece could inspire people to buy/use a pen with a friggin' sail on it. That said, of course I want one. [Crunchyroll]

Video: Denis Medri's Batman Rockabilly art series gets visualized all at once in a short vid. [Thanksforsharing]

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