So you remember a few months ago at San Diego, when Kentucky Fried Chicken put out a comic about Colonel Sanders and his various adventures as part of an attempt to get comic book fans to eat even more fried chicken than the not insignificant amount that we already do? At the time, I wondered whether this was going to be the start of something bigger, like an ongoing series, or maybe even a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-style shared universe that would team him up with the Burger King and Wendy in a battle against Ronald McDonald.

It turns out that I was wrong, but not because I was thinking too big. I was thinking too small. This week, KFC and DC Comics put out story called "The Colonel of Two Worlds," where the late Harland Sanders is not only incorporated into the DC Universe, but into the DC Multiverse as a character important enough to have an evil counterpart on Earth-3.


KFC Presents The Colonel of Two Worlds


Written by Tony Bedard and Shane Edwards and drawn by Tom Derenick and Trevor Scott, "The Colonel Of Two Worlds" is the latest entry into the truly fascinating world of promo comics, and it is a good one. The plot, in classic DC fashion, finds the Flash and Green Lantern teaming up to battle Captain Cold and Mirror Master, who have gone to Earth-3 to recruit a crime boss who happens to be an evil version of Colonel Sanders named Colonel Sunder.

And that is pretty great.

As for exactly what crimes he is guilty of that would require the intervention of the Flash and Green Lantern, that remains pretty nebulous, and I will admit to being a little disappointed that Colonel Sunder was not brought down by the Technician and the Craftsman Bolt-On System, but still, it's a very entertainingly bizarre read.

The comic is available to read for free over on Comixology, and one assumes that the announcement of Colonel Sanders joining the Justice League in 2016 is forthcoming as well.

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