Following several months' worth of set photos, production stills and, most recently, poster art, the time has finally come for Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" to make like his comic book tag line and deliver live-action "sickening violence: just the way you like it."

Originally slated to debut this Friday via the official "Kick-Ass" MySpace page, it looks like the powers that be decided to head off the comic shop crowd the night before new books arrive on the MySpace Trailer Park.

After, admittedly, a dozen views, I'm pretty certain those who've picked up the comic are going to be pleased as punching with the Matthew Vaughn adaptation. From what the trailer shows, screenwriter Jane Goldman has stayed true to Millar's narrative and dialogue, not to mention Romita's fight scenes. Oh, and unlike some... other... Millar adaptations, there appear to be zero looms in this film, which is a very good sign.

Fans probably won't have a feel for just how violent the film will turn out until it arrives in theaters on April 16, but they've always got the series' concluding eighth issue to look forward to on December 9 via Marvel's Icon imprint.

Check out the trailer after the jump...

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

What do you think? Too much like the comic? Not close enough? Or juuuust riiiight?