It's a story as old as time: Extremist right-wing radio host gets legislation passed to criminalize sex reassignment surgery, then surgeons kidnap him and forcibly do a sex-change operation on him.

OK, maybe it's not that old of a story, but it is the premise of the new graphic novel Killweather, which is already almost halfway to its Kickstarter goal of $6,700. Check out the video about the high-concept project from writer and journalist Jesse E. Lichtenstein and artist Abraham Mong after the jump.


The plan is for this volume to be the first of three OGNs about lead character Cooper Killweather. It's a really interesting project, with some really heavy subject matter and art unlike what fans tend to see in conventional Kickstarter comic projects.

Fans who back the project can get signed editions, t-shirts, get drawn into the second volume, original art and more with an estimated March delivery date.

[Via Kickstarter]