Kirby Krackle's Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos have contributed much to the canon of comic book and video game-themed rock and roll since they hit the scene in 2009, becoming mightier and more powerful with each successive release. Adhering fully to the maxim of Spider-Man, KK is using this great power with great responsibility. The band's new 7-song "Acoustic in Australia" live E.P. is now available iTunes and Bandcamp, with all proceeds benefiting Australia's Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, a facility that rehabilitates and cares for animals in need.KK recorded the EP over the course of six Supanova performances when they flew down under in April. Their trip to Australia wasn't all business, though, as the team was able to visit Lone Pine and connect with its endangered critters.

The EP compiles tunes from both Kirby Krackle's 2009 self-titled album and 2010's E For Everyone. Here's a quick track listing:

1. Tony Stark
2. On and On
3. Up, Up, Down, Down
4. Vault 101
5. Back to the Beginning (Mario Kart Song)
6. Great Lakes Avengers
7. Roll Over

Fans can download the full EP for $7 (or $0.99 per individual song). Helping Koala's and other endangered Australian wildlife, however, is priceless.

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