Those saddened by the Spider-Man film franchise's seeming loss of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane needn't weep. The actress remains busy singing and a blue wig and sailor outfit.

Gamma Squad caught the actress' latest project, which was directed by McG of "Terminator Salvation" shame (and "Supernatural" fame) as part of Tate Gallery in London's "Pop Life" exhibit by Takashi Murakami, an artist and author who's explored the otaku phenomenon with Scott McCloud-like fervor.

Entitled "Akihabara Majokko Princess," the Akihabara-filmed vid showcases Dunst effectively covering The Vapors' "I'm Turning Japanese" while flicking around a magic wand. It may not be remembered as her most celebrated work, but it definitely surpasses anything she achieved playing Mary Jane, who couldn't even keep a job for three movies.

The vid sports some shots of hentai stills, so it's NotreallySFW. Otherwise it's a pretty lighthearted romp. See for yourself after the jump...

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