You have to admit, for a character with perhaps the most unoriginal name in the history of fiction, He-Man has had some real staying power.

Invented in the early 1980s by toy manufacturer Mattel, He-Man (and his Masters of the Universe) launched as a line of toys, and an accompanying television show designed to entertain kids on Saturday mornings (and also to sell said line of toys). The show lasted through the decade, and produced a live-action movie in 1987, starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. Even after the original series petered out in 1988, He-Man kept coming back; in new animated series, in new comics, and new toy lines. (Mattel still makes ’em.) It looks like he’s about to get a new movie to boot. Skeletor’s gonna be so pissed.

The Hollywood Reporter says that after years of development, the rebooted Masters of the Universe may have a new director: McG, the three-lettered man behind such action films as Charlie’s AngelsTerminator Salvation, and <shudder> This Means WarTHR says if McG signs on he would “oversee another draft” of a screenplay that has already “undergone a number of rewrites.” Here is how they describe the project:

The remake will follow Prince Adam, transformed into the warrior He-Man, becoming the last hope for a magical land call Eternia.

A bold reimagining!

At the very least, a new Masters of the Universe movie would certainly benefit from 20 years of improvements in special effects (the original has held up about as well as you’d expect a low-budget film based on a toy line to hold up). Whether it would benefit from a whole bunch of McG, I really cannot say. Skeletor, your thoughts?


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