Fan-favorite X-Woman Kitty Pryde is getting her own art tribute show at Floating World Comics in Portland on May 7th, with proceeds to be donated to an Oregon hemophilia charity. The show, titled 'Full of Pryde,' will feature interpretations of the Marvel character by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley (left), Tom Neely (The Blot), Rob G (The Couriers), (Nathan Fox (Pigeons from Hell) Joelle Jones (12 Reason Why I Love Her), and music video director Monkmus. Click the pic to see the rest of the art.

Fun fact: In the comics, Kitty Pryde was last seen hurtling endlessly through space in a giant bullet after making it intangible so that it would not shoot the Earth in the face and destroy us all. Which means she is kind of pretend dead, but not really.

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