When decorating your home, you can hardly go wrong with adding a tyrannical alien to your sitting room. Say what you will about sconces and fine throw rugs really tying the room together; if you don't have a power-mad, purple despot as the focal point of your lounge, you just aren't living.

The Kotobukiya Marvel Universe Fine Arts Thanos statue is just the thing you're looking for though if you want to take my advice. Then again, I've been taking my own advice for years, and at this point there are more figures and statues around the house than there is empty space. But they do give the home some personality, and that's all you can really ask for.

Koto's Thanos statue joins the likes of the X-Men and Black Panther as a massive piece of excellent work. I didn't think Kotobukiya would ever be able to do much better than the Black Panther statue, and while Thanos isn't quite as spectacular, it's still a great work of art. At 1/6 scale, Thanos comes in around 15" tall, and that's a lot of space to fill. Fortunately, Thanos has always looked like he was The Rock's workout partner. Gotta get that protein and beef up if you hope to woo Death and conquer your enemies. While I wish the diorama base and pose were more interesting, they do manage to capture everything that makes Thanos the big bad we all know and love.

There's some great detail in the costuming, and I really love the more muted paint app Koto went with. The two head sculpts give a bit of versatility, giving you the option for a wide-mouth grimace or a sly smile. Both are equally terrifying when coming from Thanos, but that wry, thin-lipped (does Thanos even have lips?) facial expression is probably the more imposing of the two. I wish the gems in the Infinity Gauntlet had a bit of a fine jewel shine on them, but they do contrast with the golden glove well enough that they stand out.

The Marvel Universe Fine Arts Thanos statue is available for pre-order now for $299.99 and is expected to arrive in December.

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