Former Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Scholarship recipient Kris Anka has some impressive design chops. The guy can knock Marvel Masterpiece-caliber Cyclops and Nick Fury pieces straight out of the park, but on a more fundamental level, the way he rebuilds classic costumes is just a pleasure to experience.Anka has contributed to Project Rooftop. Some of his best work, however, has occurred when he was just playing around with Lantern looks or reworking Thanos for a modernized animation-ready design. He posts many of these experiments on his personal Sockdrawer blog, along with plenty of other delectable art bits.

In fact, an all-ages animated Feat Itself miniseries would be a great project to put Anka to work on. He handles those glowing Jack Kirby-inspired lines that have been in vogue recently with just the right amount of glow.

Check out some examples and a few of our other favorite Anka creations down below.

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