San Diego Comic-Con is mere weeks away, but Sideshow Collectibles just doesn't have the patience to keep its new Black Canary premium format figure under wraps any longer. It's curious that even Sideshow couldn't keep quiet as Dinah herself requests, but who could really blame them? When Stanley Lau and Kris Anka come together to design a statue of one of the baddest Birds of Prey around, you gotta do what the heart wants --- even if it means being on the business end of a Canary Cry.

Black Canary is the latest DC hero to be immortalized in Sideshow's premium format series, joining the likes of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Power Girl. More importantly, she also joins fellow Bird of Prey, Batgirl. And not to distract from Dinah's moment here, but in her official prototype photos, Sideshow also intimates Huntress is on the way. Yes, by the end of 2017, you might be able to recruit the core members of DC's Birds of Prey... provided you've got a total of $1500 to spare.

Back to Black Canary, it's a beautiful piece in spite of a few issues. I'm not wild about the pose, but that doesn't detract from the sculpt or attention to detail. Other characters in the DC portion of Sideshow's collection have better stances, and I wish the same were true for Black Canary. The other heroes, while not necessarily in action poses, were featured in ways that presented their strength or personalities. Black Canary is leaning a little too heavily towards token fighting game female for my taste, and it takes a bit of the truth out of the moment.

I do like that she's hushing the crowd in whatever alleyway she's found herself in. It's a nice little nod to her superpower, and there's a cockiness to it that is just so in line with Dinah's personality. It almost balances out the awkward pose. Given that Black Canary has had a number of costumes over the years, I am a little curious why this one was chosen over something more modern. Again, it's not so much that it's a bad costume choice --- she has worn gear like this in the past --- but the other characters already in the premium format line have gotten much more updated takes. Part of what's great about Dinah is how bad-ass she is no matter what she's wearing, but your mileage may vary with how this will look in your collection.

There will be an exclusive version only available through Sideshow that includes a slightly different base. While the crumbling brick wall remains the same, the exclusive variant comes with some debris that includes a poster advertising a Wildcat fight of some sort. It's a small touch, but one fans of both characters can definitely appreciate.

The Black Canary Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now for $449.99, and is expected to arrive between May and July 2017.


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