Welcome to Cast Party, the feature that imagines a world with even more live action comic book adaptations than we currently have, and comes up with arguably the best casting suggestions you’re ever going to find for the movies and shows we wish could exist. This week I'm finally following through on a promise I made in the very first Cast Party, and envisioning a Black Canary movie.

This movie will be a spin-off of the Batgirl movie from that column, and will follow the first story arc of the Black Canary book, written by Brenden Fletcher, with art by Annie Wu and Pia Guerra. The Black Canary of the title doesn't just refer to Dinah; it's the name of the band as well, and this is the story of their first tour, in which they're chased by sound-monsters, jealous ex-frontwomen, and government super-agents. Samira Wiley will reprise her role as Frankie, helping Dinah with background research, and we'll also pull in Viola Davis as Amanda Waller from the cast of Suicide Squad, an actual movie that's coming out soon.

While this is still an action movie, I want it to have a dreamier feel than Batgirl, and obviously it's going to be more music-heavy. Almost a musical, in fact. I'd like to bring in Sofia Coppola to direct. She works well with casts of young women, and she'll bring an artier sensibility that not enough superhero movies have.

  • Natalie Dormer as Black Canary


    Dormer was my Canary choice for the Batgirl movie, and I'm sticking with her. In addition to having the perfect look and the charisma, she's youthful enough to pull off the costume and the whole rock star thing, while actually being old enough to have Dinah's lengthy backstory (assassin training, government agent, failed marriage, almost a Justice Leaguer, adventures with Wonder Woman and Batgirl, etc).

  • Tessa Thompson as Lord Byron

    DC/Code Red

    Thompson's had some great roles recently, and she's proven she can definitely embody the mix of sensitivity and strength that Byron requires.

  • Ellen Page as Paloma Terrific

    DC/Double Feature Films

    Paloma's the character who wants nothing to do with the violence that breaks out on their tour, but then she turns out to be a crack shot with a handgun. I just like the idea of watching Page making this turn.

  • Ursula Parker as Ditto


    Parker has a lot of acting experience for her age, thanks to Louie, plus she's an experienced musician. And she has a kind of haunted quality that befits an alien refugee.

  • Zayn Malik as Heathcliff Ray

    DC/Sony Music

    Heathcliff turns out to be younger than you expect, which Zayn can certainly play, plus he'll help draw in the young female demographic that this movie should be ideal for.


  • Jensen Ackles as Kurt Lance


    Ackles also probably helps with that aforementioned demographic, plus he's got a lot of "action guy" experience, which is really the main qualifier for Dinah's ex-husband. Of course his role will change a bit (and require a makeup job) in the last act of the film, but I'm confident Ackles is up to the challenge.

  • Jackie Cruz as Bo Maeve


    Cruz is so great, and so incredibly charismatic, in Orange is the New Black! And even there, she gives off that "Dammit, I should be a big star!" vibe that's pretty much Bo Maeve's defining feature.