Will there ever be enough Deadpool collectibles in the world to satisfy the legions of fans that endlessly follow the Merc with a Mouth? It's one of the great questions of the modern era. It's stumped philosophers around the globe. International think tanks continue to crunch the numbers to find an answer. We may never know at what point peak Deadpool saturation is attained, but until that moment arrives Sideshow Collectibles will be there bearing the banner as it bursts through the fourth wall.

We've seen a lot of Deadpool collectibles, even from Sideshow, but the company has really gone all out to make this one a stand out piece of art. The action-intensive design might take up a lot more display space, but it does have a lot of incredible sculpting going on to make it worth it. Designed in part by Kris Anka, the Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format Figure features Wade Wilson barely escaping an onslaught of missiles and explosions. It's not clear who Deadpool is facing off against, but whoever it is sure doesn't like him very much.

It's not surprising that the pose is strong and that the figure has a strong sculpt. Sideshow's Premium Format Figures all have that same sense of wonder. What's really great though is the effect design, showcasing the explosions, missiles, and grenades. The company has been making some fascinating decisions with how to shake things up from the more traditional designs we're used to seeing, and the results have been impressive. This latest piece is no different, and has me curious to see what Sideshow has in store for 2017 and beyond.

The Deadpool Heat Seeker Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now for $699.99. It's due to arrive by Q1 2018. An exclusive edition comes with an alternate head and arm to make it look like Deadpool is taking a selfie amidst the chaos.


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