Dynamite Entertainment certainly wasn't bashful about the involvement of Alex Ross when it teased the coming of "Kirby: Genesis" last week, and today the publisher pulled back the curtain on its initial promo image even further to unveil not only more of Ross' work, but also to reveal the involvement of writer Kurt Busiek.

From Dynamite's official press release:

With "Kirby: Genesis," Busiek and Ross are primed to expand on the vision of the legendary Jack Kirby with the same dynamic and unique perspective on superheroes that made "Marvels" such an original and successful story, allowing a new generation of comic book readers to become acquainted with the genius that is Jack Kirby!

While Ross seems to be handling portions of the interiors rather than the entire series, the full press release makes it clear that he'll be plotting alongside Busiek. Theres some question of how the series intends to handle characters culled form other publishers (who seem to dot the landscape of the latest promotional image). Even without Marvel or DC characters, there's absolutely no shortage of material for this creative team to draw from.