"Law and Order" tied "Gunsmoke" for the longest-running drama in television history before NBC canceled it earlier this year, but the series' legacy has now been immortalized in artwork, thanks to the unique stylings of creators like Kate Beaton of "Hark! A Vagrant" and visionary showdown illustrator Scott C.

Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles is hosting a "Law and Order" exhibit titled "These are Their Stories," which can be perused via BrandonBird.com or in person at Meltdown through today, July 30, featuring work by Kate Beaton, Michael Kupperman, Chris Hastings, Box Brown, Chip Zdarsky, David Malki, and more. Prints are also available for those who want to see these quirky slices of life ripped straight from headlines.

Tributes to Dick Wolf's landmark show include Michael Kupperman's "A Young Woman Escapes a Polygamist Cult" and "A Suspicious Nasal Spray" by Dana Ness. My heart really goes out to the victim in "A Band of Teens Attacks a Piano Student" by Scott C., though. Check out a gallery and see which episodes you remember after the jump.

Michael Kupperman: "A Young Woman Escapes a Polygamist Cult

Chris Hastings: Death Links to Ultimate Fighting

Dyna Moe: Two Teens Disappear from a Museum

Dyna Moe: Detectives Look for a Racist

Carly Monardo: Goren Takes on a Chess Master

David Malki: Mysterious Homicides

Kate Beaton: A Missing Boy is Found

Kate Beaton: An Egocentric Poet's Journal

Scott C.: McCoy Attempts to Convict Two Bounty Hunters

Scott C. :A Band of Teens Attacks a Piano Student

Dana Nes: A Suspicious Nasal Spray

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