With no new The Legend of Zelda game in sight on the Wii U just yet, Skyward Sword fans have had to content themselves with things like Dark Horse's Hyrule Historia, Figma's Link action figure and the timeless LoZ manga by Shotaro Ishinomori. Another awesome void-filler is apparently on the way in November, too, with MediCom unveiling a Skyward Sword version of Link as part of its 12" Real Action Heroes posable figure line. Like all RAH figures, Link comes outfitted in swappable armor and clothing, plus interchangeable facial accessories and a bunch of weapons including his True Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Tough Beetle and Sacred Bow. The RAH Link is expected to retail for about ¥20,790 in Japan, so US fans should expect to shell out around $220+ when it arrives on preorder sites. You can get a closer look at MediCom's RAH Link after the jump.

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