Here at ComicsAlliance, we've mentioned our love of Lego pretty often, especially Angus MacClane's "CubeDude" building style that lends itself so perfectly to stylized versions of super-heroes. Now, builder Reasonably Clever Chris is attempting to add his own twist on the new style with what he calls "BoxCars": CubeDude style vehicles:

And they are awesome.

Applying the super-deformed style to the 1966 Batmobile works really well, especially given Chris's attention to detail, recreating everything from the signature fins to the flames in the atomic turbine:

The Batman paired with it isn't actually a "proper" CubeDude figure -- it's a CubeDude head mounted on a special "body" designed to fit in the car -- but it still makes a pretty great companion piece.

And the same goes for his take on Serenity, the starship from -- oh, who am I kidding? You're reading a comics news site. You know what this is from:

Unlike the Batmobile, Serenity wasn't built to house any of the figures, but it's still pretty great. There are plenty more pictures in the creator's photostream, including a shot of Serenity with CubeDude versions of the entire "Firefly" cast, so check it out!

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