If there's one thing fans learned from Lego Batman (and Lego's brief Spider-Man 2 line), it's that blocky looks beautiful on comic book heroes. The disarming cuteness embodied by Denmark's premiere brick dudes and dudettes distills everything it touches into plastic pleasance. Thank yellow heavens for NextMovie's summer movie poster gallery by Old Red Jalopy reimagining a hearty share of superhero and comic book films (including Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Cowboys & Aliens and more) in Lego minifig style, which you can peep a selection of after the jump.As much as we'd have enjoyed seeing literal custom minifigs on each of these posters, we're all too aware that Lego's plastic people just don't have the articulation needed to pull off the subtleties of every poster's poses. Old Red Jalopy's attention to detail working in (we presume) digital really captures the toy's elegant simplicity while communicating what fans imagine the toys can do rather than merely what they literally communicate.

Check out Nextmovie's superhero summer film posters below:

[Via NextMovie]

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