The focus in upcoming 'Action Comics' #890 turns back to the obsessions of supervillain Lex Luthor, who has been left with a thirst for power that only an orange ring can satisfy, thanks to his time in the Orange Lantern Corps during "Blackest Night." In the preview, we see Lex scouring the universe for another ring, and not taking very kindly to anyone who gets between him and the precious.

Which is pretty much par for the course. No one expected a Lex Luthor who was into peace, love, and sharing. It's later, when we see Luthor relaxed and at home that things get interesting, especially when Lois Lane shows up.

It looks like Lex has gotten his hands on a little more than a ring. Lois has either gotten very close to Lex in her husband's absence or things are not what they seem.

Several theories have been floated already. There are, of course, other dimensions and other earths where this could be taking place. There's the idea that Lex has gotten into extremely interactive robotics. Or that perhaps he has hired an actress.

But could what we see be what we get? Is this new interpretation of a rehabilitated Lex more radical than it seems? It looks like we'll find out in a week. I'm hoping that Clark reacts like they're all on Jerry Springer.