Tony Stark's latest ride made friends and foes alike jealous in last summer's "Iron Man 2" and now you can do the same with one of the most obnoxious toys to ever emerge from Stark Industries. While Hollywood Collectibles' new 1:1 scale Iron Man Mark VI statue doesn't quite have the articulation of its honkin' mecha model brethren, its light-up features and colossal size seem to balance out the seemingly standard $4,000 price tag for life-sized toys. Really, wouldn't you pay $4K to have a giant toy delivered by semi-truck to your home?If you're on the fence, maybe the statue's official product description from the Hollywood Collectibles Group can sway you:

"This fiberglass statue comes with a custom base and light-up chest, eyes, palms and base. While this Iron Man cannot fly, he will impress your friends and you won't need Tony Stark's wallet to own it!"

You totally won't need Tony Stark's wallet, but at $4K, you'll probably want to check with your accountant before you refinance your summer home and/or yacht to make this purchase happen. Of course, if it's no sweat to your offshore account, might I suggest inviting us to your dope beach house parties. I promise we won't geek out in front of T-Pain.