It doesn't seem like long ago that Kevin Keller was a gay high school kid, unsure if he was the only one like him in Riverdale High. But now, in Life With Kevin #3, he's already an adult and becoming a celebrity, but he takes a step back into the high school scene to help out an awkward gay fan.

Time doesn't usually pass much at all in the Archie Comics world, but Life With Kevin is set a few years in the future, putting high school in the past and Kevin in New York City. Personally, I like him as a gay teen in an idealized high school, but I can see the appeal in making him more of an aspirational character, already leading an exciting adult life and providing inspiration to the teenagers he used to represent.

One such teenager is Jason, the kid Kevin is accompanying (platonically of course) to his high school prom. It's cool that Jason is a fat queer character, although I wish he didn't put himself down for that fact, even if such self-deprecation is probably realistic. Anyway, seeing Kevin encourage Jason to come out of his shell is pretty uplifting.

Live With Kevin #3 is written by Dan Parent, with art by Parent and J. Bone.




Here's the official word from Archie:

Kevin's keeping himself busy in the big city--so busy he almost doesn't have enough time to socialize! To succeed in New York, he's going to have to learn how to make time for dating while juggling a high-pressure journalism gig. Plus, will he keep his promise to a very special fan? Find out in Life with Kevin #3!

Life With Kevin #3 is on sale now, via digital retailers.


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