Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises' has given rise to many impersonations ever since the film's release in 2012. This latest attempt at Bane's unique speech pattern stars a cat. Folks, meet BaneCat.

YouTube user Robs Rants has uploaded this video starring a cat dressed up like Bane, respirator mask and all. His owner seems to go about his daily business when BaneCat appears out of nowhere to vex him in some way or another, usually accompanying his shenanigans with some muffled monologues.

It's a strange concept, but it's oddly cute in a way and has the potential to be a funny bit, just as long as the Internet doesn't doom it to meme obscurity in a matter of weeks. Will future episodes be as entertaining as this one? Let's hope so, because we almost broke our backs laughing at this villainous kitty.

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