Gaming: A new piece of Batman: Arkham City concept art sees the Caped Crusader avoiding Solomon Grundy's fist. [Batman Arkham City]

TV: According to ABC president Paul Lee, AKA Jessica Jones and The Hulk pilots could surface next year. [IGN]

Animation: Nintendo has opened a Zelda Flipnote Studio contest commissioning fanmade animations to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. [Nintendo]

Conservation: You can now aid Bat Conservation International by bidding on a special bat habitat house autographed by Adam West. [ebay]

Crafts: Jason has revealed the front and back covers for Jason Conquers America, a 32-page comic coming in October from Fantagraphics. [The Beat]

Sewing: Craftster user Joesuplicki has put together a collapsable TARDIS sewing kit. Not sure if it can mend rips in time, but it's super cool. [Neatorama]

Art: The cast of Adventure Time gets the Lego treatment via Iain Heath. [Super Punch]

Movies: A new poster for The Adventures of Tintin is the first to give fans a real look at the film's protagonists. [SHH]

Crafts: Original Storm Trooper helmet designer Andrew Ainsworth shows you how to make your own at home. Turns out you need to be totally awesome to do it. [Topless Robot]

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