Movies: A new image from Conan the Barbarian featuring star Jason Momoa being appropriately huge will surely fill your shirtless dude quota for the day in case you can't make it to the pool. [SHH]

Bargain: Did you know the Atomic Robo digital tpbs on comiXology are dirt cheap? Vol. 4 is currently just $2.99. [comiXology]

Movies: In an interview with Cross Walk, Sony Vice President DeVon Franklin mentions that the He-Man movie has a script coming down the pipeline. [NB]

Art: Jason Fischer cooks up a meaty Mario and a leafy Luigi. [4CR]

Badvertising: Smurfette. Used to sell high end fashion. For real. [Boing Boing]

DVD: MGM's 1990 Captain America film drops on DVD July 19. The original trailer actually makes me want to watch it again... mostly.

Threads: Timothy Lim's "The Touch" is a $12 t-shirt work of art over at Nowhere Bad. [Topless Robot]

Toys: If you ever suspected NECA's headquarters looked like an action figure fan's dream,'s recent visit proves you were totally right. [Super Punch]

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