Gaming: Champions Online is going costless in 2011, although paying members will still have access to exclusive content. Think the upcoming release of DC Universe Online had anything to do with it? Or am I just being a Speculative Suzy? [MTV Multiplayer]

Creators: Longtime New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum has passed away at the age of 68. His wry work will be missed. [The Beat]

Industry: Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel will take on Batman and Robin from issue 17-19 and introduce a new villain, while the originally slated team of Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason will be picking up full time after that. [iFanboy]

Art: Who needs a 3D re-release of Indiana Jones when you can pick up a '30s-style comic strip print parodying Raiders of the Lost Ark by Chuck McBuck for just $20? This thing is awesome! [Snake Oil]

Gaming: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions fans can now access all four of Spidey's cosmicish costumes, as well as a corresponding "signature charge attack." The DLC is currently up on XBL Marketplace for $3, and will arrive in the PS3 store next week. [Joystiq]

Pinball: If you weren't huge on SEGA's Iron Man 2 videogame, you can still arcade it up with the IM2 pinball machine. [The Bachelor Guy]

Toys: Hot Toys' movie-based Bat Demon and Scarecrow dolls action figures rule everything around me. [Super Punch]

Gaming: In case you couldn't get a clear look at our DC Universe Online gameplay from NYCC, Sony's posted a heap of new in-game images from Batwoman's battle with Scarecrow. With all this Scarecrow stuff, you'd think it was almost Halloween! [DCUO]

Crossovers: DC continues to promote the November 10 release of its remastered hardcover version of 1978's Superman vs. Muhammad Ali by Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil with a new boxing poster. [The Source]

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