Art: Dan Hipp illustrates a humorous, theoretical movie poster for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. [Misterhipp]

Movies: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is still chock fulla Nicolas Cage, but will come with a revisioned origin sequence. [SuperheroHype]

Digital Comics: Stephen Totilo critiques the way a majority of comics are priced and sold on the iPad. [Kotaku]

TV: Investigation Discovery profiles the story of former Marvel comic book editor Mark Gruenwald, whose ashes were integrated into printed comics after his passing in an upcoming episode of The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes.

Toys: New Dilbert PVCs can transform any environment into cubicle full of quips. [Neatorama]

Video: Daft Punk made Tron: Legacy shine, but there's always room for more Tronny tunes. [Topless Robot]

Tech: The upcoming TARDIS iPhone/iPod Touch dock is what every Timelord's nightstand needs. [Engadget]

Webcomics: Bill Sandefur pits Marvel Legends vs. DC Universe Classics in a massive Photoshop-tastic crossover comic. [Marvelousnews]

Gaming: Sailor Moon is getting a new Nintendo DS game, but you'll have to speak Italian to make the most of it. [Joystiq]