DC: It's unclear just what DC's new Channel 52 will encompass, but it promises "All the news, some of the facts." [CBR]

Gaming: DC Universe Online's Home Turf DLC is now live, giving players access to inner sanctums, sidekicks and more. [DCUO]

Video: Taiwanese stop motion animator counter656 follows action figure versions of Piccolo and Trunks versus as they square off against a bunch of mobile suit toys and, of course, each other. [Crunchyroll]

Gaming: Marvel Avengers Alliance fans can now play as Magneto as part of the "Cry Havok" Special Operations Chapter. [MAA]

Tech: Pentax will release 1,500 EVA-01 colored special edition, Q10 series cameras for 59,800 Yen later this year in Japan. [Engadget]

Gaming: Following a pretty massive delay, the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game "Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack" has been listed with a February 6 release date (for 160 MSP). [Joystiq]

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