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Gaming: New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z screens show Goku going Super Saiyan God. [AGB]


Animation: This week's episode of Teen Titans Go! sees Cyborg go a little nuts with power. [TNI]


Sculpture: Joabaldwin's 3D-printed Final Fantasy VII figures are polygonalmazing. [Reddit]


Video: I'm not familiar with Korean boy band A-JAX, but after watching the band's Attack on Titan parody vid I have to assume they're at least a little rad. [CrunchyRoll]


Gaming: A new creature from Pokemon XY has emerged at France's Japan Expo. Its French name is Monorpale and its Japanese name is Hitosuki. No word on what its English name will be, but I propose "Swordbro." [ScreenCrush]


Toys: A Funko Pop! Vinyl Kingdom Come Superman -- complete with heat vision eyes -- will be available in September from Bedrock City. [BC]