Video: Fox's Animation Domination takes a School House Rock-inspired look at... a very special and NSFW version... of participating in democracy in America this election. [ADHD]

Gaming: The Marvel Heroes MMO imagines Deadpool's would-have-been Halloween costume... as a stylin' pirate. [MH]

Manga: A near-record 4 million first-run copies of One Piece Vol. 68 (vol. 67 had 4.05 million) will be printed to meet anticipated fan demand in Japan. [ANN]

Movies: The live action film based on Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin manga will be available on a few versions of Blu-ray in Japan in December. Hopefully some form of US release plans will follow... [JEFUSION]

Gaming: Select members from the cast of Hellboy (and B.P.R.D., naturally) are now playable in Big Head Bash... for a price. [Kotaku]

Video: The latest NSFW episode of The Variants examines the root of all evil... and all awesomeness. [The Variants]

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