Anime: Japan's giant 1/1 scale Mobile Suit Gundam statue can now be observed at ground level in its deconstructed state in Tokyo for the low, low price of about $6.50 USD. [Engadget]

Indie: Our Love is Real by Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders is headed for wide release via Image Comics in November. [iFanboy]

Creators: After canceling a trip to Sydney due to hostility from local media and unspecified sex assault crisis groups, Robert Crumb elaborates on why he'd rather stay home than face potential problems -- specifically a potential assassination. [The Comics Reporter]

Awesome: Moebius aka Jean Giraud and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David set what's sure to be a fashion trend among comic pros/comedians for years to come. [Tumblr]

Anime: ADV is suing Gainax over losing out on a deal to make live-action Neon Genesis Evangelion films. [Japanator]

Gaming: Mary Jane voice actress Laura Vandervoort talks about her Spider-Man: The Edge of Time role over some new game footage. [SHH]

Movies: It appears that playing an extra in The Avengers Cleveland shoot is completely horrifying. [Spinoff]

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