Upcoming: Out of Chaos War comes Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and artist Neil Edwards' Herc #1, an ongoing series debuting in April that pits a far more mortal Hercules against new challenges in a decidedly more street-level setting. [Marvel]

Digital: Much of Ben Templesmith's IDW work (Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Welcome to Hoxford and more) is now available digitally on iTunes through a new Templesmith-centric storefront. [IDW]

Fauxstalgia: The original The Electric Company was a little before my time, but this roundup of silent Spider-Man's best segments sure make the '70s seem awesome. [io9]

Candy: It's been years since Thor had his own Pez dispenser, but a little something like a major motion picture can change things for a thunder god. [BBTS]

Threads: If you wear these cufflinks, you might knock a dude out. [Boing Boing]

Gaming: This clever fan video partners Batman: Arkham Asylum's Batman and Joker for a street brawl team-up. [Joystiq]

Eats: This is how a TMNT/Iron Man crossover starts. [Geekologie]

More Threads: SeenAllOver teams with LA comic shop Secret Headquarters for a $20 limited run zombie tee. [SeenAllOver]

Awesome: Reddit showcases a child's humble request and PBS responds in kind. [The Daily What X2]

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