Toys: Hot Toys' 10th Anniversary show turned out some ridiculously awesome Iron Man customs. [Tomopop]

Rumors: Demi Lovato is apparently "up for a role" in Joss Whedon's Avengers. Can we all agree that this rumor has about as much meat as Stan Lee becoming one of Lovato's backup dancers? [Radar Online]

KickStarting: Patrick Kindlon and Leandro Panganiban's The Urn needs a little push to become a full-fledged 22-pager. You can learn more at the duo's official project page. [KickStarter]

TV: Matt Smith rocks a Stetson in the official trailer for Doctor Who's upcoming season. You know, because they're cool. [Blastr]

Party Time: I've never wanted to climb into the sewer so badly. [Super Punch]

Gaming: DC Universe Online shows off its multiplayer alert taking place on Gorilla Island. [DCUO]

Previews: GeekDad takes a look at Dark Horse's Brody's Ghost, which hits in January. [Wired]

Actors: This has been floating around the net for awhile, but it's very nice to see Javier Bardem rocking Superman's cape. [MTV Splash Page]

Threads: Vincent Bocognani's "The True Story" tee reimagines Mario and Luigi's relationship with Yoshi. [The Daily What]

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