Toys: Hot Toys will have an exclusive 1/6 scale The Dark Knight Batman doll in tow at Comic-Con and other 2011 Toy Fairs. It doesn't have a voice chip, but do you really need one? I hear "SWEAR TO ME!" just looking at it. [Toynewsi]

Upcoming: Jeff Smith's Bone turns 20 this year, and to celebrate, a special edition box set will be released at SDCC. [The Daily Cartoonist]

History: If you haven't had a chance to dig into the history of underground comix, there's no better time to start than by listening to an excerpt from cartoonist Jay Kinney reading an excerpt from his "The Rise and Fall of the Underground Comix Movement in San Francisco and Beyond" essay from Ten Years That Shook the City: San Francisco 1968-78, from editor Chris Carlsson. [BoingBoing]

Threads: Comics Salvage's repurposed comic pages make for lovely (if currently sold out) cufflinks. [Boing Boing]

Video: Captain America celebrates his Harley in the latest Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Bucky just can't compete with those wheels. [Marvel]

Toys: The Doctor's plush TARDIS doesn't seem like it would offer much protection against his deadly foes, but considering the Daleks outside his door are also stuffed, the playing field seems suitably leveled. [Tomopop]

Art: A.J. Hately images the vintage books of videogame worlds with some wonderful results. [Tumblr]

Gaming: Mario on Paper explores the deeper ramifications of Mario's actions in the Mushroom Kingdom and abroad. [Gamma Squad]

Toys: Comic-Con attendees can get their hands on Hasbro's Comic-Con exclusive Spider-Man Mighty Mugg with a removable cloth mask this summer at the booth (#3329). [Facebook]

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