Crossover: Mark Millar announces an upcoming crossover involving Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, Nemesis, and Superior, with a layout by Leinil Yu, who will draw the mega-Millar mashup. [Millarworld]

Gaming: Japan's largest Pokémon shop is set to open in Osaka, Japan at the end of November. It's only the size of a few basketball courts, but I guess that's plenty of room if you keep your pocket monsters pokéballed. [ANN]

Zombies: To promote the October 31 premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC is coordinating zombie invasions in 26 major cities across the globe near famous landmarks. If you live near one, it'll probably be best to stay at home... just in case. [Blastr]

TV: Jamie Foxx and NBC's upcoming series Tommy's Little Girl will apparently follow a woman raised by a mafia family who works as a lawyer by day and as an assassin by night. No superpowers are mentioned, but Huntress and Manhunter may want to program their DVRs. Blame it on a la-a-a-ack of comic books, Jamie. [Spinoff]

Threads: Captain Obvious takes charge on a new Threadless Tee. This is a link to that shirt. (See what we did there?) [Threadless]

Threads: One Piece fans have had access to Pirate King jeans for awhile, but now Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball gets its denim due with Goku pants. [Kotaku]

Art: Ulises Farina's awesome streak with an awesome new watercolor action spread that pits a wonderfully RoboCop-like hero against a Darkseid-like villain. [Flickr]

Commercials: The superheroes in Geico's new video are so pointless they actually mock their own existence:

Parody: Prison Pitt creator Johnny Ryan lampoons '80s robo-sitcom Small Wonder for Vice Magazine in a wonderfully NSFW way. [Robot6]

Conventions: King Con is coming to Brooklyn this November 6-7 with scads of creators and special guests. Check out the show's official flyer and website for full info. [KingBrooklyn]

Art: Theo Ellsworth's "Visitors" gallery will be on display at Giant Robot in LA beginning November 6. We want to go to there. [Thoughtcloudfactory]

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